In Memory

Mark Storey

Age at Death: 25-30
Cause of Death: motorcycle accident
Classmate City:
Classmate State: WA
Classmate Country:
Survived By:

Mark Stories was a good friend,he was killed on his motorcycle, while driving from Seattle to Spokane. Not sure of the details as I just learned this just recently from Steven Carroll. Mark was one party looking for a place in life. AS WAS I!! We were just dealing with things that we shouldn't have. I have many great memory's of Mark, the best was when he called me along the day Jeff Beck was doing a concert at the opts house, and he had a extra ticket. That was the BEST show I had ever seen and heard. The show was the "Blow by Blow". Every time I listen to that album I always think of him and the great time we had. Pat Novosad was a close friend as well. We did alot of partying too! Every time I lite one up, I think of when I got busted with a bag at school, he and mark hansen told me I was going down for the bag and they would hold it, I doesn't believe them. Should have. Suspended by 10:00 a.m. too many losses, never enough friends. I think of all the great friends in school, Thank you for the memory's. And stories that we share

Curtis Savenko