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Jeff Allen


Jeff was very talented in sports and well liked by all who knew him

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01/28/10 01:33 PM #1    

Roger Knox

A remarkable young man.

Indeed a sad day in '77 when Jeff passed. Such a strong soul. Those of us that knew Jeff know that his spirit lives on in a far better place. Some of us saw his torment while he was here. A great friend and an impeccable talent both in the classroom and on the field of play.

I remember Jeff as being an honest listener and having remarkable compassion - for everyone. As a 16-year old young man, I think we all saw him as an "old soul" that I know - many of us invariably looked up to. When he walked into a room, there were times when the feeling in that room almost at once seemed more like an event. He was missed then, and he is missed now.

07/30/10 11:38 PM #2    

Tim Wetterhus

There are so many things that can be said and remembered about Jeff, I'm surprised more of us haven't shared. For me, there is only one place to start, and that's at the beginning...I first met Jeff Allen in September, 1971, that very odd year when we were uprooted from Colbert and bused into Evergreen Elementary. Jeff and I were placed on the same flag football team, and I can honestly say that I don't think he was ever happier, mainly because we won every game. Jeff loved to win more than anything, and for people to praise and recognize his achievements. We would walk to his house on Normandie after school, shoot hoops, then I would walk to St. Luke's and get a ride home after Confirmation lessons. Roller skating at Pattison's to "Brand New Key" and "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" in the Spring, and then more shock the next Fall at Middle School with even more new people! We had several classes together both years, and invariably Mrs. Watson would have to tell the three of us (Teresa Jasper, Jeff, and myself) to be quiet because we were always talking in class. Jeff was very funny, and very coy when he wanted to be. I would ride my bike up Hatch Rd. when Bradley and Mikael(sp) were building their house overlooking the bluff, and Jeff was there with Peggy Brennick. That was the summer of 1975 after he came back from the AAU Tourney. Anyway, he was supposed to be moving rocks, but acted as if he was tired, and Peggy wound up carrying his share of the load, as well. Jeff was happy then, too, and I wish he could have stayed that innocent person. But, unfortunately, that wasn't to be, and I lost a great friend two years later. I was at the game that night at Shadle, and had gone there because I hadn't seen him in a week. It's difficult to digest, even now, and twenty years later my brother would take his own life. So now I get to visit them both at Fairmont, and it's always bittersweet. I always make it a point whenever I'm in Spokane to visit, clean Jeff's beautiful marker, and say the Benediction before I leave. You never know when the last will be that you will speak with someone, or give them a ride home, or celebrate a win together. But I will always remember our first year together, because it has the fondest memories of all.

08/27/10 12:31 AM #3    

David Bates

I think about Jeff quite often.  He was good at what he did and had a huge heart.  For those of us who were not the most coordinated when it comes to sports  and were always picked last for a team, he saw that and would pick us first.  I probably learned the most about compassion and caring from Jeff in Jr. High PE.  He was a class act.

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